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I am sitting in a Starbucks near my home, pretending to be writing the next great American novel, but what I am really writing are some guidelines for me for 2023. You are invited to add your thoughts below as well. I’m also avoiding going home as my wife tested positive for COVID. Before you call the COVID police, I’ve had it recently and tested negative today before venturing out. Even after all we endured together in 2022, I still love my fellow man (and woman) and would not subject them to this virus, but I have to admit, this crap is getting old. Onward to 2023, and here are my guidelines for a good year in no particular order:

  1. Do not feed the outrage machine. The machine is basically social media, and in years past, I did post some stuff that I had to go back and delete later, when I was in a better mood. Not going to happen this year. I already deleted Twitter off of my phone. I still check the mobile web version, but deleting my account is next. I am just waiting to see if it implodes under Elon’s watch first, but I am leaving😊
  2. Expect little. This way, I will rarely be disappointed.
  3. Give much. Now comes the exciting part: with the right attitude and motivation.
  4. Stay the course. I get distracted easily, and I need to stay on mission. Because of the Half a Sorrow Foundation, I have a worthy mission—just stay the course!
  5. Live the mission by having more real conversations. Although live and in-person interactions are preferred, more phone calls will be made and fewer texts will be sent. Real, live conversations that are dialogues.
  6. Watch your weight. I did not put this number one for a reason; I can be fat and happy, but skinny people live longer, and I have much to do. Once more, for the mission, put down the cookie, Dennis!
  7. Be more humble, but confident in your purpose. You can do both by giving credit where credit is due. I credit God for putting me on this path, and I have to remember that when people thank me for the training we do, they are thanking God.
  8. Fight tribalism. We have become a nation of tribes, and I need everyone in every tribe to hear my message of hope. I feel at home in a room full of conservative evangelicals and the next night in a room representing LGBTQ+ folks. In my world, it’s humans versus the dirt, and the dirt represents a premature death due to suicide. I’ll go anywhere!
  9. Support local news. I am about to subscribe to two local papers in the hopes that I can help save local journalism. I am cheap, and this one will hurt, but it will benefit me in the long run.
  10. Remind yourself that all lists do not have to have ten items in them. Nine is okay!

These are just guidelines and I will forgive myself if I stray. It’s going to be a great year.

What would you add? Leave a comment!



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