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Went out to Facebook and posted this simple statement:

Post Covid -19…..what would like to see? I am working on something here and the canvas is blank. Dream big and post it below, please.

Fire away….

And as always, my peeps did not disappoint.  See for yourself:

  • I would like to see people work together to seek out accurate facts and find common ground instead of manipulating and politicizing everything to fit their own agendas. Listen to understand, and use empathy. That’s a lot to ask, and it would require people to think for themselves and at the same time, think with others in mind
  • I would like to see a continuation of connectedness when apart – like social Zoom meetings. I personally have done them with my family who lives far away and other friends I don’t talk to enough and realize we should have been doing this all along!
  • I would like to see that we learned to be more personal with our friends instead of leaning on social media. I want to go visit my friends who I haven’t made the time to go visit or simply go to coffee, get to know their children and what is really going on in their lives. Facebook gives us a sense that we are staying in touch we other but I have friends that I realize I have had every opportunity to go visit with over a meal or coffee and I haven’t done so for years. My mindset changed when I realized I could not go visit some of my old friends who I have not kept up with.
  • I would like to see that people realize they don’t need the mall, eating out, going to the movies to survive. Having Gray hair and unpolished nails are OK. Mowing and cleaning up around your house is fun and good exercise. Having a family that loves each other. A family that can have a good laugh, a good cry and even an a good argument is great. Knowing that this is actually helping our environment recovery a bit. I never thought we could reel it back in but maybe we have.
  • I would like to see more kindness…less hatred…more inclusion…less ignorance…more acceptance…less division…more integrity…less bullying………for a start.
  • First and foremost, I don’t want to cry every. single. day, because honestly today was a bad day, and we have lost so many great people, and it’s sad. I would like to see that we, as Americans, not rely on other countries for our needs. I want to see that all of our essential workers (grocery, blue collar, healthcare, janitors, etc.) have become the backbone of our country, and are just as important as CEO’s, if not more. I want to see our villages and towns prosper and thrive, because I am so worried right now about all of our little mom and pop places. I’d like to see all Americans come together, because in the end it’s just us, we are all in this together.
  • Less division, less social media, more unity. Put down your phone, pick up your life.
  • I would like to see people just be responsible. You only have one you, one body, one life. Most of all give from the heart and soul to those who are giving their one life, one body to help save those who’s one life is fighting a disease.
  • Social Justice/Social Responsibility

I am a lucky man to know these people.  I will post more responses as they come in.