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My wife is a doll. That’s it—that’s all I’ve got! No, there is more to this story, and I am not just trying to get out of the doghouse. My wife loved her ex-mother-in-law, and she used to go to the nursing home and take her out for road trips before she passed. God rest her soul. I feel like you must type that phrase whenever you mention that someone has passed. One day my wife got her ex-mother-in-law out for a ride, and they drove by our house to show it to her. She could not get in and out of the car very well, so it was just a fly by.

During this fly by I happened to be across the street talking to my neighbor when they came through and my friend asked who was in the car with my girl. I told him it was her ex-husband’s mom, and I went on to say how much I adored her for keeping up this important relationship in her life when he says, I can do you one better.
He then proceeds to tell me about the two sweet ladies next door. It is apparent that one takes care of the other and then he lays this truth on me—they both used to be married to the same man. Say what? This man has also passed on—God rest his soul—and now the second wife helps take care of the first wife. That my friends is grace in action and just thought you all would like to know that sweet people like this do exist.

To summarize this incredible story:  My wife was driving her ex-husbands mother around when I learned that the two sweet ladies on the corner of my block were both married to the same man, and one was taking care of the other.
Mind blown by grace.


Dennis Gillan is the Executive Director of the Half a Sorrow Foundation and is proud to know people like my wife.

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