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Why Me? or Why Me?

This title may be a bit unusual but bear with me. I have usually looked at my life as a long list of hurdles where I often questioned God, “Why Me?”

Not sure why I think that I am hard done by? I earn a decent living. I have a wonderful family and good friends. BUT, it seems like everything is just harder than it needs to be. Every time I work on a home project something breaks, or the builder did something stupid, or the walls are not square… In my job every day is a struggle, but I need the money… One of my daughters has serious allergies that limit what she can eat and it makes her life (and ours) difficult… My adult son has issues trying to find his way… We have had 7 vehicles written off over the past 10 years. And so on…

Things have changed recently. Not that the hurdles have been removed, but my faith and perspective changed. I am not an old man (yet) but I recently experienced a life changing, near-death experience when I had a Saddle Pulmonary Embolism from blood clots that moved from my leg through my heart to my lungs. A saddle pulmonary embolism is described best as a large blood clot that sits atop or “saddles” the main pulmonary artery where it branches into the left and right lungs. Blood clots in these arteries, frequently cause heart attacks and strokes. In other words, I am very lucky to be here.

New me adjustment after my near-death experience = my perspective.

“Why Me?” is now a thankful reflection that God has blessed me beyond what I deserve. “Why Me?” flips to mean “Why have I been blessed with so much good in my life?”  This is an easy commitment when you survive a traumatic event. But to stick with it when things get hard will be the real test. So far, so good!

Here is an example of one major challenge that I reflect upon differently. Recently, my daughter was diagnosed with a mental illness after two suicide attempts. Thankfully, we have the means to put her in the best treatment care in the area and her illness has now been properly diagnosed and is currently managed effectively. Her treatment and her determined effort changed her life to put her on a path to tremendous success. I originally asked God why these things happen to my family but the new “Why Me” says “thank you for the incredible blessing that she is here and doing great!”

This all may sound a little like Mr. Rogers but the new “Why Me?” changes everything.

  • Home projects are a challenge => I am blessed to live in a house and have the means to make changes.
  • My job is a struggle => If it wasn’t hard, they could find anybody to do it, and pay them less!
  • Allergies => The allergies can be mostly managed with dietary changes and medication, and nothing is immediately life-threatening.
  • Son struggling => we are blessed to have such a caring, special person close to us.
  • Costly vehicle wrecks => nobody has been seriously injured in any of the accidents.

I could go on but in summary, I am looking at the bigger picture, not the tests placed in my life path. My daughter survived when many others do not. I also survived when many others do not. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and the sun is shining. I am now taking the viewpoint that I will enjoy the day and not worry about sunburn. Actually, I am worried about sunburn because I have pasty white Canadian skin! But that is another blessing for another conversation.


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