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Keynote Speaker Dennis Gillan

How Did I Become a Keynote Speaker?

My name is Dennis Gillan, and I lost two brothers to suicide. One suicide is too many, so imagine walking behind the caskets of two brothers eleven years apart. This rocked my world and after years of therapy, sobriety, and doing nothing about the suicide problem plaquing our society, I started to speak about it and the response has been amazing.

People want to talk about mental health and suicide prevention, they just don’t know how, and that’s where my keynote comes in. During my talk, I review the two toughest days of my life, but then we quickly move on to practical ways for the audience to spot someone in mental distress.

What to Expect From Keynote Presentation?

During this presentation, I will cover a variety of topics like leadership, warning signs, etc, and here are a couple of key areas that I have been asked to cover by previous clients:

Sobriety….learned that one the hard way and the way I sell it just makes sense to the audience

Counseling….I cover the services that are available to your audience in an expert manner

How to be a good friend/colleague and notice when someone is hurting

Laughter….heck yeah, we will laugh….mostly at me, but it helps the message land

Keynote & mental health speaker Dennis Gillan

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World Class Keynote Speaker & Mental Health Advocate