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Vice President of Student Success

Dennis came to our campus in the Fall of 2017 and shared his personal story of the loss of his 2 brothers to suicide. He shared the impact it had on his life and offered hope, encouragement, and resources to our students who may have personal experience in this area. He connected well with our students and captured their attention with his straightforward and honest presentation. He spoke on a very “heavy” and difficult subject, suicide, but the message was one of hope and encouragement. Dennis was a great addition to our speaking schedule and I wouldn’t hesitate to have him back again.


Wellness Programs Administrator for Suicide Prevention

Dennis came to our campus and was immediately able to build report with our students. Students were able to connect with his message because he approached the topic of mental health in a relatable and engaging way. Our students appreciated that the conversation of mental health and suicide prevention was being started. Having him speak on our campus helped us to reach our goal of creating a campus community where students support one another and are there for each other.


Vice President for Christian Life and Service

Dennis Gillan is effective in tearing down the walls of silence which long have surrounded the issue of mental health, especially depression and suicide. His approach is gentle, testimonial, and even sometimes humorous. Several students made the decision to seek help through Counseling Services following his presentation at Gardner-Webb University.


Pastor of Blythewood Presbyterian Church

Dennis Gillan has an important message that needs to be heard. He shares his personal, hard, difficult story with such raw honesty. Yet, he is a gifted and entertaining speaker that interjects humor in appropriate and timely ways. I highly recommend Dennis Gillan to come speak to your group or organization.


Phi Delta Theta Education Committee Mental Health Specialist

Dennis Gillan conveyed a very authentic and heartfelt message on the very difficult topics of mental health and suicide. His approach provided an excellent perspective on mental health, wellness, and the impact of suicide on friends and family, as well as tools and resources for the audience to take away from his very powerful presentation. His story was relatable to both undergraduates and alumni volunteers; they were eager to engage with him and his message. Phi Delta Theta continues to focus on educating our members as it relates to mental health and wellness resources and strategies to engage in meaningful conversations. We look forward to continuing our partnership and collaboration with Dennis. Without a doubt, we highly recommend Dennis to present on your campus, and at your next fraternity and sorority leadership conference.


Pastor of Blythewood Presbyterian Church

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention are not easy topics to talk about. But Dennis Gillan speaks from the depth of his personal story with such genuineness and humor that his audiences are pulled in and blessed.


Pastor of Blythewood Presbyterian Church

Wow! What a story! What a topic! What great passion, insight and delivery! Thank you Dennis Gillan for caring enough to share your story and point others to help. You are the man!


CCSU Student

Dennis is a fantastic speaker. He is the kind of speaker who knows how far to push the envelope with the deep content before bringing it back with lighter, funnier content to keep everyone engaged. He drives the points on mental health awareness very well and takes the time to do some research on your specific campus’ wellness center for student use. The resources and information he brings to the table are really valuable and hopefully, no one will have to use them, but its good to know everyone has been exposed to it. I highly recommend hearing Dennis speak as it will move you and educate you on the topic. There will not be a dull moment when listening to Dennis’ story!


Director of Education | Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Dennis has a passion and knack for storytelling! He addresses the sensitive topics of suicide and mental health by connecting personally with the audience, unlike any speaker I have observed. His humble, but modest confidence will captivate and leave you inspired to reach out to a loved one to let them know they are important! Most notably, his message encourages self-care and reflection. Phi Delta Theta is proud to partner and collaborates with Dennis to help support our chapter wellness initiatives!!!